Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a highly refined skill, and inexperienced pressure washing is a roadmap to costly repairs.

Decksteriors proudly offers pressure washing services in the Denver area. We’ve done this for 25 years – so we know what we’re doing. The best part? We restore your deck, so you don’t have to pay for rebuilding. That’s working smarter, not harder.

Restores Your Deck

True to our word, we believe in restoring, not rebuilding. Just because your deck is dirty doesn’t mean it should be torn down. In most cases, it just needs pressure washing and refinishing. The following is our step by step process:

5 Step Pressure Washing

Step 1:  Apply Stain-Lifting Agent and Deck Cleaner

Bio-degradable stain lifting agent is applied evenly on decking and worked into floor boards with stiff bristle brush. This begins the process of breaking down old finish and oxidized dead wood cell fibers, allowing them to be washed away. Most deck strippers will not remove solid stain or paints, in which case sanding will be recommended. See DECKSTERIORS 5 Step Sanding.

Step 2: Pressure Washing

DECKSTERIORS washes the entire length of each board following the grain with 1,500 psi forced water generated from commercial pressure washers to remove old finish, mildew, dirt and dead gray wood cell fibers. Experience is critical when choosing a contractor for pressure washing as inexperienced operators can do much more harm than good when using these powerful tools, and ultimately cost much more money to repair. Too much pressure will actually damage the wood and result in lap marks and scarred lumber. Too little pressure will not remove the previous finish or dead wood cells and result in stain that does not penetrate and protect the lumber properly.

Step 3: Apply Brightener and Conditioner

After the deck has been pressure washed of the old finish with stain lifting agent it is necessary to condition the lumber with wood brightener. Stain lifting agents initially darken the wood grain by raising the pH levels. Applying brightener neutralizes the elevated pH level and returns the wood to its natural beauty and color. The conditioner helps open the wood grain pores to better receive oil based semi-transparent sealer.

Step 4: Sanding

After deck has dried completely, usually within 24 – 48 hours, DECKSTERIORS sands all handrail caps. This final step prior to applying the new sealer completes the prepping of your “new” deck

Step 5: Apply Oil-Based Transparent Sealer

We apply the highest rated oil based stains through a combination of commercial airless sprayers and staining pads. We utilize a combination of tarps and plastics to protect your siding, plants, patio furniture and surrounding area. With multiple colors to choose from, DECKSTERIORS will work with you to determine the finish that’s right for you.

” We are SO pleased with the results. These guys are honest, very hard working and meticulous with their refinishing work. “

– Karen M.

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What Our Clients Think of the Process

Decksteriors is proud to make your deck look brand new without overcharging you for amazing service. We’ll even work with you to find solutions that fit your needs. We’re here for you! Don’t believe us? See for yourself what our clients think!

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Custom Cornhole Boards

Our deck and fence refinishing season typically runs from February through November, weather permitting. That leaves us with quite a bit of downtime to heal up and get ready to do it again! As a means of not going completely stir crazy, Brett started building custom made to order cornhole boards. They make great Christmas, birthday and wedding gifts, and are a perfect addition to your outdoor living.

Each set is handmade to order and feature redwood frames/legs paired with knotty alder decks, with durable vinyl graphics. Every board is secured with 24 hidden pocket holes for a flawless playing surface.

You can see many more examples of these head turners at the Boards by Brett Facebook page.