Deck Maintenance

How To Maintain Your “New” Deck

You’ve invested in having DECKSTERIORS, Inc. bring your deck back to life. You are amazed at the transformation. You want to keep it looking great. Whatever do you do? We like to say, “Be Good to Your Wood.”

DECKSTERIORS, Inc. clients receive biennial (every 2 years) letters reminding them of the need for follow up service. There are some companies who insist that decks should be oiled every year but the simple fact is this is overkill. We are here to be of service, not to take advantage. Oiling a deck too frequently will speed up the need for re-sanding your deck as the oil will start to pool on top, rather than penetrate into the lumber. However, if you feel your deck needs a little extra attention sooner, we are always happy to oblige.

Avoid using area rugs

While it’s true that area rugs can enhance the appearance of your outdoor living space, they can also lead to issues. The biggest area for concern with outdoor rugs is that they trap water, which in turn can lead to decay. The reason for this is that rugs are made of fabric, typically cotton or a poly-blend, which will hold moisture and take longer to dry. When we have our normal afternoon summertime showers and the sun comes back out your deck will be dry within minutes. However, if you move the rug you will see the wood beneath will remain wet, sometimes for days at a time. This is the same reason we do not use solid stains or paints which will also trap moisture and delay the drying process.

Potted Plants/Flowers

We love the look of potted plants on a deck, but it’s important that they do not sit directly on the wood. Much like the area rug scenario, the pots and drip trays the pots sit on will trap water and leave unsightly “rings” on your deck. For only a couple dollars you can purchase plastic trays with built in feet that will raise the pot just enough to allow water and air to flow freely beneath the plant.

Leaves and debris

It’s important to keep your deck free of pollen and fallen leaves. A leaf blower will do the trick in seconds, while a broom will take a few minutes longer. Leaves that are allowed to accumulate on the deck can stain the wood. Also, take the time to clear any accumulated debris from between the boards. A flathead screwdriver or paint scraper will do the trick, but do take care not to scratch the deck surface.


Periodically rearrange your outdoor furniture, including planters, toys and grills, to prevent sunlight from causing mismatched color patches as well as water gathering beneath them. Also, check the feet of the patio furniture to ensure there is a plastic slider and not exposed metal, which can mar the surface of your deck.