5 Step Deck Sanding

Step 1: Set Raised or Exposed Nails & Screws

Re-set nails and screws that may have worked themselves above the surface of the deck flooring, steps, benches and handrails over time. This is a critical first step in preparing your deck for complete belt sanding.    

Step 2: Belt Sanding

DECKSTERIORS uses 4” x 24” Portal Cable Belt Sanders for maximum maneuverability versus stand-up floor or drum sanders, which are often ineffective for uneven boards which may have raised over time. Belt sanding follows the grain of each individual board and leaves the deck surface even and splinter free. Other companies choose random orbital sanders which do not follow the grain of the wood and can rip the wood fiber. Belt sanding includes all horizontal surfaces including floor, benches, steps and handrails.  

Step 3: Palm Sanding
Detailed sanding of deck along difficult areas where belt sanding is impractical with ¼ sheet palm grip sanders. This protects your siding, and includes surfaces beneath railings, benches and stairs.  

Step 4: Rinse & Condition   

After deck has been completely sanded, DECKSTERIORS applies wood brightener and conditioner to  return the lumber to its proper pH balance, and accentuate the natural beauty and color of the wood grain. The conditioner helps open the wood grain pores to best receive oil based transparent sealer. 

Step 5: Apply Oil Based Transparent Sealer  

After deck has dried completely we apply the highest rated oil based sealers through a combination of sprayers, sponges and brushes. We utilize a combination of tarps and plastics to protect your siding, plants, patio furniture and surrounding area. With multiple colors to choose from, DECKSTERIORS will work with you to determine the finish that’s right for you.