Much like a beautiful frame will draw the eyes to art, your wood fence should frame your property and enhance the beauty and value of your home. Let DECKSTERIORS make your home the envy of the neighborhood with our Fence Restoration services.  

3 Step Fence Pressure Washing & Sealing

Step 1: Pressure Washing

DECKSTERIORS uses broad even passes following the  grain of each fence board with 1,500 - 2,000 psi forced water generated from commercial pressure washers to remove old finish, mildew, and unsighlty water marks left by sprinklers. Washing away the old dead gray wood cell fibers and exposing the healthy richly colored wood grain beneath is the first step in transforming your fence to showcase your yard.

Step 2: Apply Brightener & Conditioner

After the fence has been pressure washed of the old finish and oxidized wood it is necessary to condition the lumber with wood brightener and conditioner. Bio-degradable brigthener accentuates the natural whorls and grains of your fence and gives the appearance of newly milled lumber.  The conditioner helps open the wood grain pores to best receive oil based semi-transparent sealer.

Step 3: Apply Oil Based Transparent Sealer 

We apply the highest rated oil based sealers through a combination of sprayers, sponges and brushes. We utilize a combination of tarps and plastics to protect your siding, plants, patio furniture and surrounding area. With multiple colors to choose from, DECKSTERIORS will work with you to determine the finish that’s right for you.