Frequently Asked Questions

Do you build decks or add on to existing decks?
We do not. There are many very fine deck builders in our area that we are happy to recommend. The simple truth is that we focus solely on restoring existing decks and fences to their previous beauty through our process of belt sanding, pressure washing, and application of penetrating transparent oil based stains.
Do you do structural repairs?
We do minor repairs only, such as replacing floor boards which are compromised. If your deck has declined over time to a point where there is observable decay in the lumber, or if there is movement in the deck when walking on it which has resulted in safety concerns, then it’s time to talk to a builder. While it’s true we can make an old deck look like new again, if it’s not in the best interest of the homeowner due to the need to rebuild in a few years, we will let you know honestly and up front.
Do you require a deposit to secure services?
Never! There are never any monetary transactions until the job is complete. We’ve all heard of homeowners that have been left high and dry by home service providers who required a deposit only to never perform the work agreed upon, or to a substandard quality. Some companies go so far as to suggest that a deposit will “secure your place in the queue,” or that “if you place X amount down, we’ll take X amount off.” That’s simply spin, and that’s not how we do business.
Do you require a contract to secure services?
Absolutely not! We are honored that our clients place their trust in our wood refinishing techniques, and the fact that we don’t take a deposit ensures we are motivated to get your job completed just as quickly, safely and meticulously as possible. For those homeowners who have a comfort level of working off a written agreement, we are happy to oblige, but we do not execute it from our end.
Do you paint or use solid stains on decks?
We ONLY use transparent penetrating oil based products that highlight the inherent beauty within the wood grain, while simultaneously protecting the wood from the inside out. Solid stains and paints will fail 100% of the time within a matter of a few short months, and can lead to bigger issues including wood rot by trapping moisture beneath the failing stain or paint.
Do you use water based stains?
We only use oil based stains which are VOC compliant and certified for use in all 50 states.
Are you hiring?
We are always looking for individuals with strong work ethics and who are not afraid to get dirty! It’s not always glamorous, but it is certainly rewarding!
What’s included in your proposals?
Our quoted prices during the free estimate portion of our process are all inclusive of parts, labor, travel, materials and time. No hidden costs with zero upfront expense. If we observe boards that should be replaced during the bidding process, we will point those out to our clients, and will be billed as a separate line item.
Why do you not use stand up floor sanders or random orbital sanders?
Great question! Floor sanders are significantly easier on the body and do a decent enough job in most cases. However, decent simply isn’t to Decksteriors standards. We belt sand all decks following the grain of the wood to yield a deck that looks as though the lumber has just been milled. Floor sanders will move in a slight side to side motion and will leave visible track marks on your deck. Orbital sanders spin at a high rate of speed and cut across the grain and can leave swirls in the lumber.
Is wood brightener/conditioner a necessary step in the process?
Absolutely! Wood brightener, or neutralizer, serves two purposes in the deck refinishing process, only one of which is the observable “brightening” of the lumber. The “brightening” is achieved through the product lowering the pH level in the lumber and making it more acidic. This in turn opens up the wood pores, enhancing the distinct grain of the wood, and making it more receptive to the penetrating qualities of the oil based stain, allowing for deeper penetration.
Do you work on composite decks?
We do not.
Do you accept credit cards as payment?
We accept all major credit cards as forms of payment including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. (Beer is also an acceptable form of payment, but to date that has yet to happen!)